Boxer name is the quite an interesting name. What is a boxer it simply means boxing with its front pawns while fighting? This is a type of dog family. This type of dogs is quite enthusiastic and courageous. They have the courage to do any task. So why not we call them a boxer. The name simply looks amazing. Other thanks boxer there are other types of dogs also. This type of dogs is basically found in outside India. The main interesting part of their body is their eyes. We can call boxer dogs as a vigilant self-appointed person as protector of their own.

No Aggressive attitude

This type of dogs is a little bit aggressive as compared to other ones. Boxer dog always like companionship. This dog by nature is not aggressive but the level of competition can pull them towards hurting someone. In a desire to hunt something, it can become aggressive by nature. They have high energy and attitude. They always like to stay busy. They don’t like to be used as puppets.

Training is fun

The dog-like boxer dog can be trained easily. No much harassment did while training them. To train this type of dogs one should keep the below-mentioned points in mind:-

  • Always try that one should start their training early. The best thing when they are puppies tries them to train them from that stage. Though they are very intelligent and energetic they will learn things very fast and rapidly. He will easily understand the difference between word and action. At least a minimum of 8 to 9 weeks of proper and regular training is sufficient for them to learn. The first time they might face some issues but after a few days, all will become fine.
  • Always try that whenever you are training a dog you should give something reward in return. This attitude of yours will build a confident spirit within him. He will grab things very fast. The one who is training dog that is the dog trainer should be enthusiastic then only in return you will get positive results.

Proper guidelines

To train a dog in a better way one should follow the following points given below:-

  • Never beat or abuse your dog while giving training to him. Always try to give confidence within them by cheering them. This way you can notice that he is performing well.
  • Always use favorite food of your dog as a reward. By doing this they will get indulged in activities.
  • Always remember to give them commands first after that give them food as a reward. The basic commands to be taught is sitting, lying down, having food while sitting and so on.
  • Try not giving the reward always. If you continuously treat them reward the will become habituated to it. They might lose interest in learning. So try to skip the rewards for their betterment.


Never ever underestimate a dog. Always give love and affection to them. Then in return, you will also get love and affection. Treat them as one of your family members.