Boxer is a dog breed that seldom needs an introduction. Here we list the A-Z Boxer facts. Know a thing or two about our furry friends.


They spring from a line of German dogs called Bullenbeisser, which was crossed with mastiffs and bull dogs. It was primarily a bull baiting dog. It controlled cattle in slaughterhouses. A wild version of the etymological story accredits ‘Baxer’, the slaughter house designation, which changed into ‘boxer’ in later years.

#Celebrities’ Choice

They are popular in Hollywood too. There are tons of celebrities who have pet boxers. The long list includes Cameron Diaz, Hugh Jackman, Chelsea Handler, Jessica Biel, Jordan Knight, Justin Timberlake, Luke Perry and even the Kardashians. Travis Brorsen’s pet boxer won “Greatest American Dog”, a CBS hit reality show.

#Comic Wagging

Boxers are expressive in nature. They love to express their happiness by wagging their tail. Maybe because their tail isn’t long, they understand their wagging isn’t pronounced. To compensate, they wag their entire rear, which is a hysterically funny sight. It’s just a speck of the dog’s extreme funkiness.

#Deafness (Myth)

People believe into the myth that all white boxers are deaf. It has been busted a numerous times. Only 1 in 8 white boxers are deaf due to their pigmented hair cells. Deafness makes them less preferable in show dog business. Most breeders have entirely stopped breeding it. Nevertheless they still make pretty good family dogs.Sin

#Long Tongues

Boxers are known for their long tongues. Brandi, a boxer holds the record for its 17” tongue. Tongue that runs over a foot is common sight in boxers. Longest human tongue was 10.1 centimeters.

#Long Puppyhood

Boxers don’t mature quickly. They are still in their puppy zone till the age of 3. The long wait pays off in the end, eventually. Their Peter Pan moments especially with kids are fun to watch.

#Moderate Climate Only

Due to its not-so-thick coat, boxers need protection from cold. They find it difficult to distribute heat in sunny days. They prefer moderate climate, where they won’t suffer overheating of the body.

#Police Dog

According to AKC, boxer was the first breed to be used in Germany for police training. It is a reliable story considering the breed was developed there. It was known for its intelligence and courage initially. Even today boxer breed serve as police dogs, watch dogs for other animals and even as war dogs.


Since the 1940’s Boxers were popular in show ring business. It was in the 50’s they garnered wider publicity due to media. Since then they have held on their spot in the list of top 10 popular dog breeds. Even in 2015, they were the 10th popular dog breed registered by AKC.

#Working Dog

In 2003, AKC made boxers eligible as working dogs. The breed is known for its agility and tracking. Its obedience makes the training part easy. Boxers can be upbeat all day. Their athleticism is so uncharacteristic of its size.

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